Start Living Well

Live Well Counseling LLC, located in Traverse City, MI, provides therapy to adults (and some adolescents). I’m Ruth Spalding, the sole member, and therapist of Live Well Counseling LLC. I’d love to help you start living well.

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

  • Do you often feel unheard by and alienated from others? Are you the black sheep of your family? Do you sometimes think “I’m a failure,” or “I’m unlovable?” Do you often feel out of place and wonder how everyone else found theirs?
  • Are you struggling to get up in the morning and dreading going to work? Do you feel excited when you’re too ill to work, because even though you feel awful, you have a legitimate excuse not to be there?
  • Do you want to walk out of the closet and publicly claim your sexual orientation or gender identity? Are you already out and want to make sure you see a therapist who understands the LGBTQI community?

I’m also able to help most folks who are experiencing anxiety, depression, or other mood issues. You can take this quiz to see if you would benefit from working with me. It doesn’t capture every reason people seek therapy, but these are many things I hear when people come to me.

Treatment can be tailored to your specific needs. Therapeutic approaches include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), schema therapy, as well as mindfulness-based and psychodynamic approaches.