Hello! I’m Ruth

I’m Ruth Spalding a psychotherapist and clinical social worker but you might also call me a trauma guru, a caretaker of  burnt out careholics and wounded healers, and rainbow warrior (LGBTQ advocate).

I love to help folks who:

  • Serve others with a deep passion but burn out from working so hard in unsupportive environments. I support them in their efforts to care for themselves so that they can shed their burnt out husk of a self and get back their healthy spark.
  • Want to live as their true self but feel trapped by homophobia and heterosexist standards. I support them in their journey toward feeling complete, not closeted or ashamed.
  • Yearn to feel secure and loved but are terrified because they’ve been hurt by loved ones before. I guide people who have a history of trauma to a path where they can build loving, secure relationships because everyone deserves to be loved well.

Therapy Can Be Scary

My clients share with me some of the most terrifying and painful experiences. Their trust in me is something I deeply value and appreciate. Meeting scary moments with compassion and acceptance is important to me as a clinician since it facilitates growth. If you are scared, know that I’m humbled and grateful that you place your trust in me.

She is one of the most ethical and conscientious therapists I've worked with

Let’s Write The Next Chapter

Creativity and curiosity are important to the therapeutic process. I’m very curious about what makes you tick and work hard to understand the dynamics of an issue we’re working on. The stories we tell ourselves about life inform our worldview, how we tackle problems, our mood, everything! Many of the people I work with often feel alienated and unheard, so I prioritize honoring the whole you by seeking to understand. Getting creative allows us to flip the script and change your story. What do you want your story to be? I’ll help you move from protagonist to author.

Clinical Experience & CredentialsRuth Spalding LMSW

I earned my license to practice independently in October 2013, which means I’ve had 4,000 hours of supervised clinical practice as well as passed a test. I’ve worked for 6 years in various institutions for the State of Michigan as well as Washtenaw County, prior to opening Live Well Counseling LLC in July 2015. I am now also a Certified Advanced Alcohol & Drug Counslor as of February 2017. My Master of Social Work degree, with a concentration in Interpersonal Practice and Mental Health, is from the University of Michigan. My Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Psychology & English with an Emphasis on Creative Writing, is from Albion College.


My practice will be closing June 21st, 2017. I am no longer accepting new patients at this time. I will be pursuing supervisory training and may take on supervisees on a case-by-case basis. If you have questions please contact me at live.well.ruth@gmail.com. Please note that this email address is not HIPAA compliant, please be careful and selective in what details you send to me via email.