Sexual Orientation

You identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, queer, asexual, sapiosexual (the list goes on). You’re a part of the alphabet soup usually represented by the LGB and occasionally there’s a Q in there. Sometimes you have to deal with being stereotyped by folks who don’t know better. Or worse, you’ve dealt with homophobic coworkers or family. You don’t want to end up at a therapist’s office where your orientation will get you the side eye or worse, have your orientation treated as if it’s the problem, instead of a healthy part of who you are.

Relationship Orientation

Have you had to deal with people not understanding how you can be monogamous and bisexual or pansexual at the same time? Have people scratched their heads when you accidentally mention non-monogamy?  Are you romantically partnered but asexual? Are you just hoping you can mention your relationship orientation without someone looking at you like you’re an alien?

Trans Spectrum

Are you hoping to have help facilitating hormone treatment or surgery? Do you identify as third gender, both genders to a degree or androgynous? Are you looking for a professional who will validate, not dismiss, your gender identity? Asking for preferred pronouns is on all my intake paperwork and my records will reflect who you are, you won’t have any pronoun shock if you need to request your records from me to help facilitate treatment.

Affirmative Practice

As an affirmative practice clinician, you won’t have to worry about judgment or explaining the basics to me. I am familiar with the community and I also know that not everyone has the same experiences. I’ll get to know you instead of imposing some unhelpful stereotype. There are members of the community who are often marginalized even within the community, especially those that fall under the bisexual and trans umbrellas, and I’m well aware of that as an issue.

Your orientation and gender identity are not problems, they are important aspects of who you are. If you are suffering from anxiety, burn out, or depression you deserve someone who will focus on the issue at hand instead of change you or make you explain yourself 20 times.

If you need therapy to help coordinate medical treatment for transition as well as help you cope with some of the exciting and big changes that come along with that, I’d love to help.