An Introduction

I plan to use this blog to reflect on how mental health issues are presented in the media. Mental disorders and seeking therapy are often stigmatized in our culture but realistic portrayal of therapy and mental health symptoms can help combat this stigma. Since I often work with folks who have a history of trauma, I’ll often look at media through a trauma informed lens.

It’s not just dysfunction that’s important to show, but accurate portrayals of mental wellness are crucial as well. How often is it that a film shows an incredibly unrealistic relationship between a couple? Too often. There are so many articles written about how Hollywood can warp people’s perceptions of what is realistic to expect from a significant other. This blog will likely showcase examples of mental wellness, especially healthy relationship dynamics.

This blog will likely contain reviews of movies, television shows, comics (Yes! You read that right, graphic novels), novels as well as non-fiction books that therapists might often use to remain educated on certain topics.

Since conceiving of this blog I’ve wanted to add a few different types of posts. You’ll still see two other types of posts in the future: Little Victories and How Stuff Works. Little Victories posts are very small things you can do to get yourself a win for the day, whether you’re battling trauma, anxiety or depression. Sometimes you just need a nudge in the right direction. How Stuff Works posts are psychoeducational posts, they are essentially me giving information about a topic you might not otherwise learn about that might help you in therapy or in life.

Happy Reading!