December Reading

All the things I’ve been reading since the last November Reading Post. You’ll find books, blog posts and news articles that are usually related to mental health and hopefully serve as helpful resources to you. And you might find current events and a few funny things posted as well.

Holiday specific

Survive the Holidays with these tipsSpecific strategies for how to handle those awkward family conversations.

Use your gift wish list as an opportunity to reconnect with your SO.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the holidays, we set ourselves up for a holiday hangover.
How to respond when someone asks you why you’re not spending the holidays with family.

If you want your partner to just stop talking read this.

Do you struggle with healthy boundaries around the holidays?

Many people grieve a great many losses during the holidays. How to cope with grief during the season of cheer?


How to set healthy boundaries, excellent post that is essentially Boundary Setting 101.

You can’t just ignore race and how it intersects with other parts of a person’s identity.

Imposter Syndrome is awful. How to face your fear and embrace the terror barrier.

You don’t have to be BFF‘s with your spouse, it’s good if you have other deep friendships outside of marriage.

How does anger benefit you?

Finding safety when the world feels like it’s falling apart.

The cost of keeping the peace.

Truly excellent post about how to recognize depression (differentiated from sadness) and when to seek treatment.

The money talk can make or break your relationship.

News & Articlescoffee-cup-bed-bedroom

Didn’t sleep well last night? 10 strategies to help you cope.

Things women hear every day that men pretty much never will.