February Reading

All the stuff I’ve been reading since the January Reading post. You’ll find books, blog posts and news articles that are usually related to mental health and hopefully serve as helpful resources to you. And you might find current events and a few funny things posted as well. I’m debating whether or not to only post the “reading round up” once each month instead of twice. I was doing it twice because the lists were getting so long (even with being picky about what I included). So there might be once monthly round ups.

If you’re wondering whether or not you can check to see if a movie or tv show has content that would trigger or exacerbate some symptoms check out these resources:

  • At Kids In Mind, there are detailed descriptions of some scenes in movies. They obviously contain spoilers and some of the descriptions might be triggering themselves. You could always recruit a friend or significant other to read it for you to see if there’s bothersome material.

  • Two databases on Tumblr give specific but general trigger warnings such as “suicide” or “child abuse.” No detailed descriptions, just specific warnings, but the databases are incomplete. Feel free to help them out by submitting! The first one is TWDatabase and the other is This Could Be Triggering


I’m featured in this Attn article: Signs You Grew Up with a Toxic Parent

This is a funny and sarcastic How to Apologize article at The Toast.

Do you ever think you’re not good enough? This article brings up some good points that might help you “reframe” those arguments in your head.

Imposter syndrome may paradoxically mean you know what you’re doing (maybe).

The closet is an ugly place to be and usually involves a lot of denial. This article is about the many lies the author told herself as a closeted bisexual woman.

One person’s perspective on growing up with a narcissistic parent. Not everyone experiences narcissistic parents in the same way since it often depends on the role you played in your household, but many people will probably identify with this article.

Blog Posts

Sometimes people wonder if what they went through “counts” as trauma. Take a look at Courtney Miller’s blog post, “Does my trauma count?”

Excellent post on humility. It inspired me to make a graphic of one of my most favorite quotations about humility.
True Humility