Awesome Gifts This Christmas

There’s a trend toward decluttering and living a minimalist lifestyle. It turns out that we own too much stuff already. Also consider the fact that when people take stock of their lives, their biggest regrets have to do with how they spent their time and expressed their feelings, instead of about any material objects.

All right, how is any of that going to help me get someone an awesome gift? Here are the lessons you can learn from this in order to give great gifts this season.

Give Great Gifts


Give Beautiful Memories

  • Take the trip you’ve always wanted instead of exchanging items. If you can’t go with them, talk to them about where they want to go and buy them a plane or train ticket.
  • Eat at the fanciest restaurant in town, order a very nice bottle of wine, take your time.
  • Buy tickets to your favorite comedian or band to see them perform live.
  • See your favorite sports team play their rival. Go to a great restaurant beforehand.

Give Healing & Self-care

  • Give a massage gift certificate with tip included. Truly worry free experience.
  • Give a mani/pedi gift certificate with tip included. (You’ll probably start to notice a pattern.)
  • A gift certificate to the movies is a wonderful thing, especially if someone loves to go but feels the cost of popcorn is prohibitive.

Guidelines for giving things

  • Giving drinks like a bottle of wine or scotch that’s hard to come by, or a box of chocolates from a speciality store that’s out of town. These are things that can provide a nice experience for the person as they consume them.
  • A well-chosen book is often deeply appreciated by a literature lover. If you know they regularly donate books to the library, that they loan out their own books often, or if it’s a particularly beautiful edition this is the type of object that allows someone to experience another word and pursue their favorite passion

Ask yourself 2 questions:

  1. Is this an experience (or does it provide for an experience) that they will love?
  2. Is this an object that they will use every day (or at least every week)?

If you can’t answer yes to either question, it’s probably not a gift worth giving.

Warning: If you are starting to freak out over whether or not your gifts are good enough then read all these posts about coping with holiday anxiety. See? It’s so common there are multiple blogs about it, you’re not alone. This guide is meant to help, not make you feel inadequate. This is less about what you give and more about how you approach time spent. And time spent beating yourself up about or agonizing over gift giving is not useful. So take a deep breath, and if the gift passes the 2 question test, give yourself permission to stop thinking about it.

Happy Gifting!