January Reading

All the things I’ve been reading since the last December Reading Post. You’ll find books, blog posts and news articles that are usually related to mental health and hopefully serve as helpful resources to you. And you might find current events and a few funny things posted as well.


Furiously Happy by Jenny LawsonI picked up Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson since my dear friend Natalia Amari of Creative Wellness insisted I read it. I’m only a few pages into the book, but it’s clear that Lawson is a fierce mental health, stigma-busting advocate. She’s also hilarious. When I finish I’ll be sure to write a stigma-busting review so that Lawson can have a post dedicated to her awesomeness.

Excellent explanation of depression and future building.

A two-step guide to loving yourself.

Want to get better? Get angry.

If you hate Mondays so much you start drinking haterade on Sunday night, read this.

Be the best SO you can possibly be.

If your perfectionism is ruining your resolutions, read this.

What “nice guys” need to know about casual sex: It’s not owed to you.

A powerful story about someone who walked away from someone she loved because he was abusing her. She learned to thrive and wants others to know that they can too.

If you liked my Divorcing Toxic Family post from the holidays, you’ll like this post about how to deal with your toxic family this year. It’s not holiday specific but it also validates that it’s okay to cut contact with people who are abusive, even if they’re family and I think that’s an important message.

This is a long piece about our unconscious mind and how it’s so important. Close the other tabs open on your computer and read it!


Men and women react differently to chronic stress and this might lead to treatment breakthroughs for PTSD.

Want to reconnect with friends but tired of the bar scene? Here are 15 other things to do.

The Lolita Myth: young girls can’t consent to sex with much older men.

A local story about telemedicine in Traverse City and other counties in Northern Michigan since there are not enough providers.

Happy reading everyone!