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A collection of articles and blog posts that feature me. I’ve had the privilege to be quoted by journalists and asked to guest blog. A lot of articles like this tend to give advice or maybe a different perspective. So while reading these posts will give you some insight into my ideas, I’m certainly less directive in therapy sessions. And none of these posts will be tailored to your needs, the way therapy would be. But if you’d like to read how other folks have quoted me or my posts on other sites, I’ve collected them here for you.

I’ll be collecting links here and updating this post when something new comes along.

Intrepid Now interviewed me for their telemedicine podcast series, I talk about the teletherapy aspect of my practice. Check it out!


A fellow therapist compiled articles she felt were helpful into an Ultimate Holiday Survival Guide, and I’m glad she featured me.

Real talk about how to deal with family members during the holidays.

During Thanksgiving, there’s an emphasis on gratitude. A few tips on how to connect with your gratitude every day and how to feel appreciation when you’re depressed. I’m quoted in a New York Daily News article in which I talk about how there are times when we don’t feel grateful (this is one of my favorites).

Stress & Anxiety

Bustle’s article on 7 Ways to Sneak in Meditation Throughout Your Day is a great way to get creative with a meditation ritual to help reduce anxiety.

These are 7 signs you might need to slow down.

Romanticizing stress at work will ruin your career. Specific strategies to manage your stressful workload.

Protect your mental health even when stressed out at work.


Signs you grew up with a toxic parent.

How to overcome toxic relationships.


Six tips to help a grieving co-worker.

Stigma Busting

Talkspace has a wonderful stigma busting article tackling misleading assumptions about mental illness.

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