November Reading pt 1

The books, blogs and articles I’ve been reading lately. Most of them are related to mental health and potentially good resources for you, some of them are just for fun or related to current events.

November Reading in Traverse City


The Goldfinch by Tartt. I have less than 200 pages to go, which I consider a huge accomplishment.

I made a new rule that I can’t start any other books until The Goldfinch is finished.


Is forgiveness necessary to heal?

Confronting ourselves with softness.

6 Problems with People Pleasing.

Increase amazingness in your relationship.

Warm your soul, fight seasonal depression with these tips.

Is the BMI a useful measure?

It’s better to be kind than right, especially when arguing with your significant other.

A routine that will help reduce your anxiety every day.

Are you freaked out about the holidays? Some mindfulness and self-care tips to help you deal.

You can grieve job loss too.

Early warning signs of mental illness – do something about it before it’s too late.

How to be a supportive SO at any stage in the relationship.

News & Articles

Everything you ever needed to know about coffee.

Would you live in a dorm after college? I think most people in my generation would.

Celebrities come out about their mental health diagnoses to help bust stigma

And of course, there’s the news of attacks in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad. It’s hard to comfort ourselves in scary times. I liked best a post shared by Creative Wellness Studio that I’ll share now.

Rogers Look For The Helpers