November Reading pt 2

All the things I’ve been reading since the last November Reading Post. You’ll find books, blog posts and news articles that are usually related to mental health and hopefully serve as helpful resources to you. And you might find current events and a few funny things posted as well.


I finally finished The Goldfinch! It’s thoroughly fantastic. However, if you would have difficulty reading realistic portrayals of child abuse you may need to avoid it. Theodore Decker, the main character and narrator, suffers psychological and physical abuse while growing up. There’s also a lot of substance abuse by many characters in the book and a suicide attempt. If none of that deters you, and you can handle 772 pages, this is an amazing novel. In it, Theodore asks questions of the reader like, what makes the meaning in life and what is love? The big below is from the book, I think it gives a very good idea of the tone of the book. If you find that interesting, you’d likely enjoy the book.

Even Nihilists Can be Optimists

Started and finished A Visit From The Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan during the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s an interesting book. I think it makes the most sense if you view it in a similar way that you view songs on an album. All the chapters are related, the characters connected by circumstance, there are consistent themes of shame and the duality of craving intimacy yet fearing it. But there is no overarching story that neatly ties everything together. There are interesting questions about how we experience time and emptiness. There are brief mentions of a suicide attempt and of a character prostituting herself, nothing very detailed, just giving fair warning.

Just started The Round House by Louise Erdrich. The story is about a boy whose mother is raped and he sets out to find the rapist. It’s set on a reservation and it quickly becomes clear that neither the white cops or the reservation cops have investigated that thoroughly. The crime is gruesome and much of the novel focuses on learning more about the crime. If you are triggered by depictions of rape then you might need to pass on this novel.


How to take care of yourself when you have a history of trauma and tragedy strikes.

How to live with a perfectionist.

Mistakes don’t make you a failure.

How to connect with your gratitude even when you’re depressed and everything is awful.

How to work with your partner to deal with your in-laws.

Yes, if being a therapist is your job you get paid to do it. A brilliant post about it.

Allowing acceptance of negative emotions can help you move through them toward peace.

We all tend to do this to a certain extent but mindreading can cause problems.

News & Articles

Traverse City could become a tech city. This would be great!

Apparently pets are good for business! If you love animals, you’ll be glad to know their saving your life.

The aftermath of being shunned for religious reasons when all you want to do is get married. If there aren’t tissues nearby, maybe wait to read this one.

Officer Adam Gray saved two lives this November. He saved someone from a suicide attempt by pulling them back from the bridge and saved someone who overdosed on opiates with department issued Naloxone. So glad Traverse City is proactively addressing substance abuse by having Naoloxone on officers, it’s clearly a life saving policy!

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