October Reading 2

Just the books, blogs, and articles I’ve been reading recently. Some are fun, many are mental health related. Articles posted are meant to be helpful, or at least funny. Maybe both.

October Reading in Traverse City


I’m still reading The Goldfinch by Tartt. (What can I say? It’s long). It’s about a boy, Theo, who survives a museum bombing but his mother perishes. He is then punted through the child protection system, at some point lives with his abusive and neglectful father. If you have ever felt that no one loved them as a child, you would likely identify with Theo. I highly recommend this book, even though I’m only about halfway through at this point.

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandell. I started reading this because the Traverse Area District Library had this for a book club. I didn’t realize parts of the book take place in Traverse City and in surrounding Michigan towns. After a flu kills more than 99% of the world’s population, a traveling symphony goes from town to town in this new world that does not have electricity or running water. It’s a wonderful book, I highly recommend reading it. The author will also be speaking in Northern Michigan this week.

Station Eleven is set in Traverse City and Northern MIchigan


10 Marriage Myths.

The truth about couple’s counseling.

When therapists screw up it’s a chance to heal.

5 Easy Ways to Help Spirited Kids Listen.

Self-care quiz. Either keep track with your fingers or keep a tally of each “yes” when reading through the quiz.

Failure is an option.

Therapy is weird. It’s true.

Men seeking therapy.

For social anxiety, therapy is much better than medications alone.

Meditation actually isn’t that hard.

Do you wish your partner knew you like your therapist?


Prescription drug abuse is growing in my area.


I was quoted in this article about toxic families. I work with adults who have a history of trauma from child abuse and neglect. I’m so glad Lois was able to speak with me on the subject, I think it’s something that’s so stigmatized folks often don’t want to talk about.

There are different types of crying.

Being funny helps your kids (and you!) cope

On that note, notable quotations from men of history, as women would have to say them during meetings

Sarah Silverman stigma busting anxiety and depression by talking about her own experience with panic attacks and therapy.

7 Reasons Therapy is the Best

Program to improve mental health on campus, designed and pioneered at my alma mater, University of Michigan.

Which is a good thing because apparently college students are more depressed than ever before:

Did our ancestors sleep better?

Happy Halloween from Live Well Counseling!