October Reading pt 1

Books, blogs, news and articles I’ve been reading lately. Some for fun, many related to mental health & current news.

October Reading


I’m still reading The Goldfinch by Tartt. (What can I say? It’s long). It’s a Pulitzer prize winning book about a young boy who survives an attack on a museum. I’m still very early in the book but it’s easy to see why it’s award winning.

Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh. I’m a big fan of her cartoons and she’s got a book. She writes about her depression and there will likely be a stigma busting blog post about that.


I was quoted by Talk Space in their own mental health stigma busting piece.

Two articles by Emma Cameron, another therapist I find myself frequently reading: Does Your Therapist Get it Wrong? and Morning Routines for Anxiety & Depression.

7 Ways Therapy Can Help

Local young professionals sharing their views on the TC young professionals blog.

Stevie Edwards talks about how poetry saved her life. About how she’s connected with many people over her willingness to talk about stigmatized topics, like suicide, deep shame. Here she is quite simply her whole self on the page. And she’s lovely.

Excellent example of setting boundaries in the workplace when a coworker is acting inappropriately found in this blogpost: My Older Coworker Won’t Stop Mothering Me.

To Friend? Or Not To Friend?

APA President’s recommendations for gun control in the wake of another shooting.

News & Other Articles

Top meditation apps according to this author. Many are free!

I was quoted in 6 Ways to Help a Grieving Coworker

Ever wonder how you could stick up for LGBTQ folks? Find answers here.

Heartbreaking account of a student athlete who completed suicide.

Community response to low enrollment at some area schools

A well known astronomer has been using his power and authority in the field to sexually harass women and has yet to suffer any true consequences from his employer. Please make sure you’re prepared before reading these things, there are descriptions of sexual harassment and some of the victim blaming responses are so hard to see. Although the scientific field he’s in is understandably upset and responding by educating folks what these abuse of power dynamics looks like. In one particular post, the author outlines good examples of how abusers and harassers use boundary creep to escalate the content of the conversation (in this case sexual) and she talked about her reaction, which was to provide minimal reinforcement for these talking points and smooth things over because he was in a position of power over her.

There’s this thing called a trash wheel and it’s making a big difference.

Coloring is similar to meditation. It allows you to focus on one thing and let the rest fall away.

Coloring books allow you to focus on one thing and let the rest fall away.