September Reading


Are You My Mother? By Alison Bechdel, the sequal to her first book Fun Home. Also written and drawn by her this book is about her relationship with her mother, and about years of analysis. Blog post to come.

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. I’ve just started this massive book (clocks in at 771 pages for the edition that I have, and I’ve read Les Mis, so I’m used to tomes but yeesh this is long!) I will have to use the “renew” function quite a lot and likely will have to cut back on the other number of books I read until this one is completed.

Shout out to Traverse Area District Library. I am there often enough that the staff are already recognizing me and I’m new to the area. Good sign? Best sign?


How Must and Should can totally wreck your day (or life). On The Yellow Couch is consistently really funny and really great.

Always reading articles from other professionals for great advice. This is about the importance of seeking out consultation and how to do so ethically.



Visibility matters because it saves lives. Growing up as a black trans man, the title says it all.

Intersexual folks are often misunderstood, frequently bullied or ostracized, because they don’t fit into the simple “this is a girl, this is a boy” formula.

Bisexual Awareness! The week has since passed but bisexual erasure is an incredibly important topic. Folks who identify as bisexual are at an even higher risk than their gay and lesbian peers for assault.

Many people are paying too much for rent, and it’s holding them back.

It’s always sad when a movie theater closes. This one in the UP has been open for some time, but won’t survive without enough money to invest in digital equipment.

If you would like a very good history lesson on crime in America and how the we’ve become #1 in terms of the number of incarcerated people, with an over-representation of African Americans, you should read this. How do I know it’s well written and researched? Well you can tell from the writing but also the author just won a MacArthur Genius grant. Well deserved.

Four things you can do to make you happy and the neuroscience behind it.

There’s water on Mars!

7 Mindful Activities that will help grow your compassion

Do’s & Don’ts of an LGBT Wedding (some of these are universal).