Serving US Women Overseas

My partnership with the Portland Oregon organization Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center has been picked up by the Traverse City Record Eagle. Dan Nielson was kind enough to interview me.  He describes my office, myself and the work that I do. Dan is very easy to talk to and be with, he made me feel very comfortable and I’m glad he was the one to interview me.

Breaking now (3 PM): The story has also been picked up by The Herald Bulletin! Thank you to Andy Knight for reaching out to me via phone.

AODVC helping women overseas

Quoting from the article: “Traverse City therapist Ruth Spalding has partnered with American Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center to provide remote counseling to abused Americans…in foreign countries.”

I’m glad he included the part of our interview where we talked about how folks who want to help can by educating themselves on domestic violence issues so that they can raise awareness. Even though 1 in 4 women in her lifetime will suffer intimate partner violence, we often don’t know how to talk about it without belittling women for staying too long or making a joke that minimizes the abuse. We can do better as a society, and one step is to make sure that the way you talk about domestic violence means that if someone were in an abusive relationship, they would trust you enough to reach out to you if they needed help getting out. A woman is significantly more likely to be murdered by her partner when she tries to leave an abusive relationship, she’ll need help getting out and you can be part of that.

Visit the NNEDV to educate yourself about domestic violence. NNEDV logo.

If you want to learn more about domestic violence, you can visit the AODVC website or the National Network to End Domestic Violence site. You can also donate to the AODVC or to the local Women’s Resource Center.

If you’re stuck in an abusive relationship and you’re in the Traverse City area you can contact the Women’s Resource Center or if you want to find a therapist you can use Psychology Today to find a clinician near you, or someone who provides remote therapy if you’re not close to a practitioner.

I want to thank Natalia Amari who has a practice in Portland, Oregan called The Creative Wellness Studio. She has also partnered with AODVC and when speaking with them thought I would be a great fit. I’m able to serve in this capacity thanks to her. She’s a fantastic clinician and a wonderful friend.

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