Burnt Out Careholics

You love your work. It’s why you put up with the long hours and unsupportive work environment. You do your best because you know you’re really making a difference. I see this deep passion in nurses, social workers and teachers. You give so much of yourself and know that your patients or students benefit.

And yes, I totally made up the word “careholic.” It’s because you’re not workaholic in the same vein as an investment banker or CEO. You sacrifice of your time, paycheck and wellbeing because you care so much about the people you serve and the work that you do.

Lately, you have a hard time getting out of bed.
When you are too sick to drive in Exhaustion(because usually you force yourself to work through sickness) you’re almost thankful for a day off even though you’re exhausted from illness. You caught yourself snapping at your family recently. You don’t sleep well because you’re worried about work. Post-apocalyptic tv shows are actually somewhat comforting because at least you wouldn’t have to go to work or pay bills, you just have to survive. You have cried in the bathroom at work more than once (this week).

You are totally drained.

Every time you’re asked to give more, you do. You feel guilty taking time off or saying no. You’ve seen burnt out coworkers at your job, people so depleted they are crispy. They radiate negative energy and you realize that if you don’t do something soon, you might become crispy too.

Hit a little too close to home?
Call me, let’s take back your life.